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SreeParabat, Bengali Author
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SreeParabat (Prabir Kumar Goswami), Bengali Novelist (My Dad).

Born: January 1, 1927
Died: Nov 2, 2010
Obituary in Ananda Bazar Patrika (Kolkatar Korcha column) (You need Bengali font capability)

photo of Sree Parabat  Kolkata, India
photo of Sree Parabat and movie personalities in Kolkata, India
Sree Parabat (right, front) along with director Sushil Mukherjee, inimitable Kanan Devi, actress Sandhya Roy and actor Biswajit, during the maharat (ritual commencement of film shooting) of Sree Parabat's novel Ami Sirajer Begum. This novel is based on the life of Siraj-ud-daula, the last nabab of Bengal, who was defeated in 1757 by Robert Clive through betrayal and trickery, thus beginning a 200 year British rule in India.

Old Photo of Sree Parabat in Kolkata, India Old Photo of Sree Parabat in Kolkata, India

Old Photo of Sree Parabat in Kolkata, India Old Photo of Sree Parabat in Kolkata, India
Some very old photos of Sree Parabat from the 1950s.

We have compiled an almost complete list of publications of Sree Parabat. We plan to gradually upload a number of small stories that were published in local magazines. We are also making freely available a number of out-of-print books by SreeParabat. Typically you will need a password to open the pdf file. For the passwrd, please send me a mail at Also these pdf files are not printable. If you need to print them for some reason, please send me a mail.

Right-click on the name of the book in the list below and choose "Save Link As". Currently available are the following books:
1. Jhor Thambey (15 MB)
2. Swarnalee Sondhya (11 MB)
3. Ahir Bhairon (16 MB)
4. Kitagarh (original 1962 print) (20 MB)
5. Shotorupey Shotobar (18 MB)
6. Nirjonota Nei (17 MB)
7. Jonomey Jonomey (original 1968 print) (8 MB)
8. Em El Pompa (original 1963 print) (17 MB)
9. Aravalli Thekey Agra (original 1965 print) (76 MB)
10. Mohaprem (original 1967 print) (15 MB)
11. Bahadur Shah (original 1971 print) (15 MB)
12. Mumtaz Duhita Zahanara (original 1972 print) (17 MB)
13. Shyamal Deshey Surjo Othey (17 MB)
14. Hariye Jabar Nei Mana (MB)

Year of First Publication

Book Title

First Publisher

Cover Artist

First Edition Price (in Indian Rupees)

Dedicated to

Main Source


1957 Jhor Thambey
(The Storm Will Cease)
Grontho-Jogot . Rs. 2.5 Baba-Ma (Parents) . .
1960 SreeParabat, Ami Sirajer Begum book cover
Aami Sirajer Begum
(I am Siraj's Begum)
Natun Prakashani (Rupayanee) . . Kumaresh Chandra Roy (Brother-in-Law: elder sister's husband) . Current 15th Edition, Rs. 50
SreeParabat, Ami Sirajer Begum newspaper movie advertisement
Newspaper Ad
?? Jey Jiban Deen
(A Humble Life)
. . . . . .
1960 SreeParabat, Swarnalee Sondhya book cover
Swarnalee Sondhya
(The Golden Twilight)
Notun Prokashok Ganesh Basu Rs. 2.50 Sri Bijon Chakraborty (friend) . .
1961 SreeParabat, Ahir Bhairon book cover
Ahir Bhoiron
(Name of an Indian musical raga)
Grontho-Jogot Ganesh Basu Rs. 4 Chhoto-Mamima (Maternal Aunt) . .
1962 SreeParabat, Kitagarh first edition book cover
(The Fortress of Kita)
D. M. Library Not mentioned in the book! Rs. 4 Krishna Dhar (Friend? and Poet) SreeParabat, Kitagarh  book cover
Current edition cover
First Dey's Pub. Ed 1989 (Rs. 30)
1963 SreeParabat, Em El Pampa first edition book cover
Em El Pampa
(M. L. Pampa)
Anandadhara Prakashan Purnendu Patree Rs. 7 Amiyabhushan Mazumdar (Mamato Dada) (Maternal cousin) SreeParabat, Em El Pampa  book cover
Current edition cover
Arati Jana; New Publisher. Current Edition 2003 (Rs. 75)
1964 SreeParabat, Shotorupey Shotobar book cover
Shotorupey Shotobar
(In Many Forms, Many Times)
Naba Bharatee Prasad Bandopadhyay Rs. 4 Sri Annada Shankar Ray. . .
1965 SreeParabat, Aravalli Theke Agra first edition book cover
Aravalli Theke Agra
(From Aravalli to Agra)
Anandadhara Prakashan Khaled Chowdhury Rs. 18 Bani Devi (Wife) Source: Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan by James Todd
SreeParabat, Aravalli Theke Agra  book cover
Current edition cover
1st Dey's Edition, 1983, Rs. 40; Current 3rd Edition: Dey's Publishers (Rs. 100)
1966 SreeParabat, Nirjonota Nei book cover
Nirjonota Nei
(Can't Find Solitude)
Biswabani Prakasanee Pranab Sur Rs. 6 Manoranjan Majumdar (Friend) . .
1967 SreeParabat, Hariye Jabar Nei Mana book cover
Hariye Jabar Nei Mana
(Freedom to be Lost)
Anulekha Subodh Dasgupta Rs. 2.50 Lipi Miki Daku Mallow (Children) . Children's book
1967 SreeParabat, Mahaprem first edition book cover
(The Great Love)
BidyaBharatee Purnendu Patree Rs. 7 Bhakta Jan Tare (To the devotees) SreeParabat, Mahaprem book cover
Current edition cover
Current Publ Nath Brothers: 1992 (Rs. 30)
1968 SreeParabat, Jonomey Jonomey book cover
Jonomey Jonomey
(In Many Lives)
Rupayanee Pranab Sur Rs. 4 Parag Ranjan Goswami (Eldest younger brother) . .
1969 SreeParabat, Ami Aj Nayika book cover
Ami Aj Nayika
(Now I Am An Actress)
Mousumi Prakashanee Pranab Sur Rs. 7 Hemen Ganguly, bengali movie producer . .
1970 SreeParabat, LoversLane book cover
Lovers' Lane
. . . Dr. Jayanta Goswami (second younger brother) . Curent Publisher: Bona, 2003, Rs. 70
SreeParabat, Bahadur Shah first edition book cover
Bahadur Shah
Anandadhara Prakashan Geeta Das Rs. 8 Dr. Debendra Ch. Paul (Acquintance, like Uncle) Source: Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan by James Todd
SreeParabat, Bahadur Shah book cover
Current edition cover
Curent Ed 1987, Rs. 25 (Dey's Publishing)
1972 SreeParabat, Durjoy Durgo book cover
Durjoy Durgo
(The Unconquerable Forresst)
Gopa Prakashani . Rs. 6 Revanta Kumar Goswami (third younger Brother) . .
1972 SreeParabat, Mamtaz Duhita Jahanara first edition book cover
Mamtaz Duhita Jahanara
(Jahanara, The Daughter of Mumtaz)
Anandadhara Prakashan Ganesh Basu Rs. 7 Achintya Kumar Sengupta (Celebrated Bengalee Author) SreeParabat, Mamtaz Duhita Jahanara book cover
Current edition cover.
Artist: Gautam Roy
1st Dey's Pub Ed: 1972; 3rd Ed. 1982; 6th Ed. 1994, Rs. 35;
1973 SreeParabat, Singha Dwar book cover
Singha Dwar
(The Lion's Gate)
Dey's Publishing . . Manish Chandra Lahiri (Brother-in-law, wife's oldest brother) . Current 2nd Ed, 1986, Rs. 15
1973 SreeParabat, Shyamal Deshey Surjo Othey book cover
Shyamal Deshey Surjo Othey
(Sun Rises in the Fertile Land)
Pustak Prakahsanee Gautam Roy Rs. 5 Bangla Desher Shahid (Martyrs of Bangladesh) . .
1974 SreeParabat, Binodinee book cover
(The Enchantess)
Pustak Prakashanee Rabin Datta Rs. 5 Manoranjan Majumdar (friend) . .
1975 SreeParabat, Rajput Nandini book cover
Rajput Nandini
(The Rajput's Daughter)
Dey's Publishing . . Seema Kanjilal (youngest sister) Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan by James Todd Curent Ed 1983, Rs. 7
1975 SreeParabat, Era Tinjon book cover
Era Tinjon
(The Three Little Adventurers)
Forward Publishing Concern . Rs. 5 Nephews and nieces (nice dedication poem, click on image below)
Old Photo of Sree Parabat in Kolkata, India
. Children's novel, originally published as "Ora Tinjon" in puja number magazine "Sonar Kathi"
1976 SreeParabat, Ranadil book cover
Dey's Publishing Ganesh Basu Rs. 16 Satyen and Nivedita (Sister-in-law (wife's younger sister) and her husband) . 2nd Ed 1984, Rs. 16; Published earlier in puja number Dakshini Barta as "Jey Nortoki Itihasher" (A Dancer from History)
1977 SreeParabat, Chitor Garh book cover
Chitor Garh
(The Fort of Chitor)
Dey's Publishing . . To Gunagrahi Pathak Borgo (To My Readers) Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan by James Todd Second Ed 1985, Rs. 15
1977 SreeParabat, Safe Landing book cover
Safe Landing
Mandal Book House Ganesh Basu Rs. 10 Sudhangshu Dey (Publisher, owner of Dey's Publishing) . .
1977 SreeParabat, Tokhon Oaren Hastings book cover
Tokhon Oaren Hastings
(The Times of Warren Hastings)
Mandal Book House . Rs. 12 Namita Roy (Oldest sister) Kolkatar Purabritta (Binoy Ghosh) and other books from Park Circus Institute, Kolkata, Library .
1981 SreeParabat, Ranasthal Marwar book cover
Ranasthal Marwar
(The Battlefield of Marwar)
Dey's Publishing . Rs. 12 Saibalini Devi (Mother-in-law) . .
1984 SreeParabat, Mewar Bohni Padmini book cover
Mewar Bohni Padmini
(Padmini, The Fire of Mewar)
Dey's Publishing . , Malay Kanti Raychowdhury, Atanu Chowdhury (Sons-in-law) . Second Ed. 1988, Rs. 16
1988 SreeParabat, Akhono Shiuli Jhorey book cover
Akhono Shiuli Jhorey
(Flowers Still Bloom)
Renuka Publishers . Rs. 20 Mejokakima (aunt) . .
1988 SreeParabat, Aakasher Nichey Manush book cover
Aakasher Nichey Manush
(Lives under the Sky)
Mandal Book House . Rs. 20 Raktima Raychowdhury, Bidyasree Chowdhury (daughters) . .
1989 SreeParabat, Moynapurer Noorjahan book cover
Moynapurer Noorjahan
(Noorjahan of Moynapur)
Nath Brothers . Rs. 20 Anirban Goswami, Ambarish Goswami (sons) . .
1990 SreeParabat, Murshidkuli Khan book cover
Murshidkuli Khan
Dey's Publishing . Rs. 30 Samir Goswami (elder brother, passed away at age 9 due to Pneumonia) Following books from University of Pennsylvania library .
1990 SreeParabat, Magadh Jugey Jugey: Rajagriha Parba book cover
Magadh Jugey Jugey: Rajagriha Parba
(Magadha through the Ages: Rajagriha Episode)
Nath Brothers . Rs. 40 Debabrata Mukhopadhyay (friend, famous artist) Following books from University of Pennsylvania library .
1991 SreeParabat, Ajodhyar Shesh Nabab book cover
Ajodhyar Shesh Nabab
(The Last Nawab of Ayodhya)
Dey's Publishing . . Jharna, Butu (cousins, children of father's youngest brother) Books from University of Pennsylvania library .
1992 SreeParabat, Tutankhamener Raani book cover
Tutankhamener Raani
(The queen of Tu Tan Khamen)
Aparna Book Distributors . Rs. 25 Muktish Lahiri (brother-in-law, wife's youngest brother) Books from University of Pennsylvania and Northwestern University libraries .
1993 SreeParabat, Raat Mohanar Rohoshyo book cover
Raat Mohanar Rohoshyo
(The Mystery of Rat Mohana)
Aparna Book Distributors . Rs. 25 Anushtup Chowdhury (youngest daughter's son), Ajanta Chowdhury(youngest daughter's daughter), Atri Raychowdhury(oldest daughter's son) Descriptions and photos for Ghatshila, Bihar, India Children's Novel, originally published in Sonar Kathi, a puja magazine
1993 SreeParabat, Rajmohishee book cover
(The Chief Queen)
Dey's Publishing . Rs. 25 Ranjana, Maya, Rina, Bharati (sisters-in-law, wives of three brothers and cousin) . .
1994 SreeParabat, Girikondorey Rohoshyo book cover
Girikondorey Rohoshyo
(An Adventure in the Himalayas)
Aparna Book Distributors . Rs. 25 Akai (youngest daughter's son), Titli(youngest daughter's son), Iiko (oldest daughter's son) . Children's adventure novel, originally published in Sonar Kathi, a puja magazine as "Rahashyomoy Girikondor"
1994 SreeParabat, Panchalik book cover
Panchalika: 1) Aami Sirajer Begum, 2) Binodinee, 3) Swarnalee Sandhya, 4) Jonomey Jonomey, 5) Shotorupey Shotobar
Mousumi Prakashanee . Rs. 60 . . .
1994 Rajrajeswari Aparna Book Distributors . Rs. 30 Birendra Narayan Kundu (boyhood friend) . .
1995 SreeParabat, Magadh Jugey Jugey: Pataliputra Parba book cover
Magadh Jugey Jugey: Pataliputra Parba
(Magadha through the Ages: Pataliputra Episode)
Nath Brothers . Rs. 80 Pranab Kanta Choudhury (colleague and friend) Following books from University of Pennsylvania library .
1995 SreeParabat, Mishor Samrajni Hatshepshut book cover
Mishor Samrajni Hatshepshut
(The Egyptian Queen Hatshepshut)
Dey's Publishing . Rs. 80 Sabar Uddeshshey (Dedicated to all) Books purchased from Grenoble, France and Evanston, IL .
1996 SreeParabat, Moynamoti book cover
Aparna Book Distributors . Rs. 45 Bikash Chandra Kanjilal (brother-in-law, youngest sister's husband) . .
1997 SreeParabat, Rajabadshah book cover
Aparna Book Distributors . Rs. 30 Atri Raychowdhury (Grandson; Oldest daughter's son) . .
1998 SreeParabat, Nadir Shah book cover
Nadir Shah
Dey's Publishing . Rs. 50 Sukanya Goswami (Daughter-in-law, youngest son's wife) Books from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign library .
1998 SreeParabat, Mahammad Bin Tughlaq book cover
Mahammad Bin Tughlaq
Aparna Book Distributors . Rs. 75 Kaberi Goswami (Daughter-in-law, oldest son's wife) Books from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign library .
1999 SreeParabat, Karnasubarna Thekey Kanyakubja book cover
Karnasubarna Thekey Kanyakubja
(From Karnasubarna to Kanyakubja- Kanauj)
Dey's Publishing . Rs. 75 Matish Chandra Lahiri, Nitish Chandra Lahiri (Brothers-in-law: wife's brothers) Books from University of Pennsylvania Van Pelt Library, books purchased in France and Kolkata .
2000 SreeParabat, Patabhumi Pataliputra book cover
Patabhumi Pataliputra
(Backdrop of Pataliputra-Patna)
Aparna Book Distributors . Rs. 50 Ramaprasad Saha (childhood friend) . .
2001 SreeParabat, Sher Shah book cover
Sher Shah
Dey's Publishing . Rs. 70 Manaswini Goswami (oldest son's daughter) and Ogni Goswami (Youngest son's son) Books from University of Pennsylvania Van Pelt Library .
2001 SreeParabat, Sher Shah book cover
Khuner Araley
(Behind the Murder)
Aparna Book Distributors . Rs. 35 Ajit Jana (Publisher; owner of Aparna Book Distributors) . .
2002 SreeParabat, Alauddin Khilji book cover
Alauddin Khilji
Aparna Book Distributors . Rs. 60 Samuel Mohan Gomes (Friend or colleague?) Books from University of California at Berkeley library .
2002 SreeParabat,Chandraketugarh book cover
Dey's Publishing . Rs. 70 Chandraketugarh Daradi (Those who are sympathetic to Chandraketugarh and old history) and many other documents from youngest son and his friends. .
2004 SreeParabat, Begumer Nam DebalRanee book cover
Begumer Nam Debal Ranee
(Begum Debal Ranee)
Dey's Publishing . Rs. 50 Mohul and Mitul (Dali) (sons of youngest son) . The book was published before Dali was born.
2007 SreeParabat, Bijoynagar book cover
Dey's Publishing . Rs. 50 Anushtup, Ajanta, Atri, Manaswini, Ogni, Arjo (All Grandchildren) Sewell: A Forgotten Empire (from UC Berkeley Library)
Free download from Project Gutenber
There was some effort to translate Sewell's book, but didn't materialize due to ill health
2010 SreeParabat, Panchti Oitihashik Uponyash  book cover
Panchti Oitihashik Kahinee
(Collection of five historical novels: Tutankhamener Rani, Tokhon Oaren Hastings, Rajput Nandini, Aami Sirajer Begum and Mamtaz Duhita Jahanara)
Aparna Book Distributors Ranjan Datta Rs. 300 Paribarer Sokolkey (For all family members) . Published posthumously. SreeParabat, Panchti Oitihashik Uponyash SreeParabat Bhumika

Ambarish Goswami
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